Yoga in America – Findings & Insight

It is no surprise that the practice of yoga in America is on the rise, by nearly 16 million people ...
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3 Reasons to Consider Yoga Teacher Training (Even If You May Never Teach Yoga)

The practice of yoga has spread far and wide in this beautiful world we call home, from centuries old ashram's and ...
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Sun Salutations

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations are a common inclusion in Yoga practices -- which vary widely. In this video, learn ...
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Share Your Sadhana, please.

Sadhana Yoga is the Yoga of Spiritual Practice . It's the practice of bringing the essence of your highest spirit, ...
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Creating Sacred Space

Have you ever wondered why sometimes classes at a studio "feel" different than practicing at home? Part of it is ...
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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings
at Sadhana Yoga School

Life changing immersions.

Find Freedom from Illusion

Feel Connection with something greater

Discover your Passion for creation

Bring Clarity to your life


200-Hour Yoga Certification Schedule

Get certified in the world’s most beautiful places.

200hr NH Yoga Teacher Training 2017-18

This NH Yoga Teacher Training is designed to offer a flexible schedule so that people are able to take the ...
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300hr India Yoga Teacher Training November 2017

When we begin teaching yoga one of the first things we learn is that there is so much to learn! ...
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Alchemy of Business

Join Sadhana Yoga School for a 3-month course (1 weekend a month for three months) designed as an integrative approach ...
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200hr Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training June 1-24, 2017 Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just ...
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200hr New England Yoga Teacher Training

Join Sadhana Yoga School at Bethel Farm in Hillsborough, NH. In this serene landscape, we will live together in community, ...
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200hr Bali Yoga Teacher Training May 2017

Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy ...
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200hr Bali Yoga Teacher Training November 2017

In this Bali yoga teacher training course we will live with each other at Jiwa Damai, an organic garden retreat ...
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