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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Are you Ready to Change the World?

Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy fad? Do you have a desire to know what else yoga can offer you? If so, then our Yoga Teacher Training Course is the place for you.

We Focus on Three Things

When you enroll in a Sadhana Yoga School 200-hour yoga teacher training course you can expect to learn all aspects of the Eight-Limbed Path of yoga, including:


The Depth of Yoga

Energetic Anatomy
Yoga Diet
Introduction to Ayurveda and Yoga


Learn to Teach Yoga

Beginner Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Kids Yoga
Yoga for Special Populations
Yoga Teaching Techniques
Yoga Sequencing
Yoga Modifications and Adjustments
Daily Yoga Teaching Practice


Improve your Life

Develop Your Practice
Get Stronger
Learn to Relax
Work through Life Changes
The Business of Yoga

About Sadhana Yoga School

At Sadhana Yoga School our approach to yoga centers around ‘yoga as a spiritual discipline’. The word, Sadhana, translates as “spiritual practice”, or “spiritual discipline” and our Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course prepares one to fully integrate the path of yoga as a lifestyle and as a disciplined practice to create a balanced and abundant way to live our life. 

How to Enroll:

1. Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Location and Program

2. Enroll into that Yoga Training Program with a $350 deposit to reserve your space

3. Choose a Payment Plan Option to pay for your yoga training

We will then be in touch to cover any remaining questions about Your Yoga Teacher Training:

Welcome Packet
Program Location Information Sheet
Fill out your student info sheet


We are proud to offer early bird pricing, discounts to those able to pay tuition in full as well as scholarships for those in need of financial assistance.

*Are you a Sadhana Yoga School graduate who has already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with us? Are you looking to reconnect and deepen your knowledge of the practices of yoga? You can re-take your training for only $1,000 USD (room and food costs still apply). Email us at for more information.

Upcoming 200-Hour Programs:

Get certified in the world’s most beautiful places.

This is Not Your Typical Yoga Teacher Training Course

You will leave being able to teach two 90-minute yoga sequences.
Believe it or not, at many others schools, it is rare that you will walk away fully prepared to teach a class. At Sadhana Yoga School, it is important to us that our graduates can start teaching right after graduation. We spend a lot of focused time practicing, studying and practice teaching the sequences to ensure you are ready to teach an amazing class. In fact, in at our studio in New Hampshire, we often hire teachers right after graduation. They are that good. And it is worth mentioning that while we do teach two set sequences, you will also leave with the tools to design and teach your own sequences to just about any population from beginners to seniors to super athletes. Not that is amazing!

We teach more than just asana.
As yoga has expanded globally, and become more popular in the west, many schools have oversimplified yoga and forgotten some key aspects of yoga. Our graduates share with us time and time again how thankful they are that we have kept the authenticity of yoga and teach more than just asana. We teach meditation, pranayama, asana, and yoga philosophy. The philosophical aspect of the course are really where people experience breakthroughs in their life, having realizations about challenges from their past and envisioning a renewed future.

Support through your life changes
One of the most powerful aspect of the course is the sacred space that is created when people come together with a shared purpose. The support provided by the group allows a safe space for each student to explore and share what they are feeling. Outside of a yoga teacher training, I have never experienced the absolute acceptance and support from a group. It is truly a gift to be able to experience such support as we refine our lives and envision a better future for ourselves and the world.

Yoga Lifestyle
During the program we do the best we can to cultivate a yoga lifestyle, one that brings more peacefulness to our minds. As part of this practice, we encourage a vegetarian diet, discourage caffeine and tobacco, and don’t allow alcohol or other recreational substances during the program. While these are new practices for many of our students, they end up sharing how much benefit they receive from living a yoga lifestyle. We are not trying to preach to you to live a certain way, in fact it is the opposite. We want you to live how you want to life. What we find is that people are either living the way others want them to live, or have not thought much about how their lifestyle choices influence their life. This is one of the great lessons in yoga – that the choices we make around how we live, influence our life in dramatic ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually tell people, that if you like the content you see on the website, that you will love the training.  And seriously, since you made it this far on our site, you are probably like liking what you see. You are probably at or want to make a transition in your life, which is why you are looking for the guidance that a deeper yoga practice can provide. You are in the right place.

We believe that you have the ability to use your intuition to know what you need at this time in your life. Take a moment to take a deep breath and see what comes up inside when you visualize yourself graduating from one of our trainings. What is life like, what are you like? That is what we are here to help you find.

Yes! Although we have observed that the people who take the training just to deepen their own practice, often become the ones who want to teach and share yoga the most after graduation. We believe that to be a great yoga teacher, you first need to be a great yoga student (not that you need to look great your poses, but you do need to develop a depth of regular practice), so you are well on your way!

We get students coming from all over the world! From Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and more!

Yes! We take great pride in preparing students to become teachers. By the end of the course you will be able to teach two foundational yoga sequences that can be adapted to any style of yoga you wish to teach.

You can teach any style after you graduate. While we teach two sequences in the training as a way to ensure you have a solid foundation as a new teacher, we encourage you to teach any style that resonates with you. After graduation, many students end up teaching modified versions of our sequences and many go on to teach other styles such as: Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga….the list goes on. Our program is such a great base from which to launch your yoga teaching career, that you can quickly learn to teach many other styles of yoga after graduation.

Yes! Actually, we get a surprising number of students that have already taken another 200-hour training with another school. They tend to be looking for more depth of knowledge and experience, as well as confidence in their own teaching, than they got in their prior program. You can bet that after our program, they come out like new people and are fully confident and ready to teach.

We do one 90-minute asana practice in the morning, and in the afternoon we do a 3 hour asana lab/teaching workshop. The morning practice is a full class, the afternoon is workshop style. More learning than practice. So total asana each day is around 4 hours of practice and workshops. The remaining hours are filled with lecture and discussion classes.

About Your Certification

After graduation, you will receive a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sadhana Yoga School, a trusted name in the international yoga community. You will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance and teach anywhere in the world. Yoga Alliance has become the international standard for credentialing yoga teachers is the largest yoga registry in the world with over 90,000 registered teachers.

Student Reviews

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