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300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

Are you Ready to Expand Your Training?

The true path of Patanjali’s systematized eight-limbed path of yoga is to
embody the practice and teachings of yoga,
in order to remind us of our true identity and purpose as a soul journeying through this incarnation.
And we are called upon in this time to be the teachers, the healers and the space holders for transformation and evolution of the collective- we are called upon to embrace our path of the Lightworker.

We Focus on 3 Things

When you enroll in a Sadhana Yoga School 300-hour yoga advanced yoga teacher training you will learn to embrace and embody:

Yoga as healing path for the physical, mental, energetic & spiritual realms

Yoga as therapeutic intervention and complementary practice to health and wellness

Your role as a teacher, healer, and lightworker to others on the path of yoga

About the Program

Your Guides for this transformative experience will be:

Anjili Russell, Lead Teacher

Bryan Russell, MBA, ERYT 500, Lead Teacher

Kelly Gorsuch, ERYT 200, Soul Dance Therapy, Assistant Teacher

Merrill Storm, Guest Teacher

Nadia Petrov, Guest Teacher

As well as other expert friends who will share Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan, Thai Yoga Massage and Spiritual Herbalism.

In this Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course You can expect to Learn:

What it means to embody and embrace yoga as a lifestyle and integrative tool for healing

The 20 chakra system

Advanced energetic anatomy and how it relates to physical health

Visualization meditations, astral traveling, conscious dreaming

How to embrace and live your life around the lunar phases of the moon

Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

Advanced Yoga Philosophy Study of the Yoga Sutras and how to teach the concepts

Complimentary Healing Practices including:

Emotional Freedom Technique

Crystal Healing

Healing Touch


Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan (singing and mantra)

Karma Yoga (community service projects and volunteer work)

Adjusting and Thai Yoga Massage

Alchemy of Business and Entrepreneur life

Identifying your spiritual gifts, how to harness your power and identity to share with the world! And so much more!

About the Facility

This program will be hosted at The Seed, a unique space to practice, learn and experience magic in an intimate setting. A convenient yet remote location in a peaceful Mayan village in Tzununá, Guatemala, overlooking gorgeous Lake Atitlán.

Browse images below:

About Sadhana Yoga School

At Sadhana Yoga School our approach to yoga centers around ‘yoga as a spiritual discipline’. The word, Sadhana, translates as “spiritual practice”, or “spiritual discipline” and our Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course prepares one to fully integrate the path of yoga as a lifestyle and as a disciplined practice to create a balanced and abundant way to live our life. 

How to Enroll:

1. Enroll into that Yoga Training Program with a $350 deposit to reserve your space

3. Choose a Payment Plan Option to pay for your yoga training

We will then be in touch to cover any remaining questions about Your Yoga Teacher Training:

Welcome Packet
Program Location Information Sheet
Fill out your student info sheet


Enroll today with as little as $350 deposit and save $1,000 off  tuition!
Don’t miss out on this Early Bird Pricing,
Email today.

*Additional discounts available for Sadhana Yoga School Graduates!

A Message from Anjili Russell:

Co-Founder of Sadhana Yoga School,

Lead Facilitator for 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Dear Friends,

As you read this you may be wondering about your days ahead and the responsibilities and obligations that are coming at you—and you may be thinking to yourself,
oh shit. WTAF am I going to do with my life?

I spent most of my life asking myself this question.
And, I spent much of that time doing the things that seemed like a good idea, or what others thought I should do, or even what just looked good on paper, but it didn’t nourish that deep part of my soul that longed for more…

Then I committed to traveling to India to take the first of 3-200hr yoga teacher training courses and it was the first time that I felt like
I was able to see a life path in front of me that lit up my soul,
ignited my passion for authenticity and felt like I was my way to ‘home’…

I have, since then, changed my entire life; my habits, my thoughts, my home, my career, my husband, my worldview, even my name…

And having continued my studies with best teachers around the globe,
completing 2-additional 300hr advanced programs, countless workshops and continuing education, EFT certified, Reiki certified, Crystal Healing and Reflexology certified, Advanced Energetic’s, certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, business Coaching and Spiritual coaching with top leaders like Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins
I am now ready to share all of my knowledge of how I got to be the successful business entrepreneur of 2 international brands of yoga, and a US based Yoga and Health Center with a registered non-profit organization in the works!

Phew! That is a mouthful. And I little nerve-racking to be so bold to highlight some of my gifts and achievements. But I must shine light on my success, because it wasn’t always this way.

As a teen I was high school drop out, on drugs, in trouble with the law and spent my teens and early adulthood in a life of disorganized chaos, in and out of juvenile detention centers and rehab.

So how did I get from there to here?
That is the golden question my friends, and the answer is simple.

I wanted to change my life.

No, I really wanted to change my life. I wanted it so bad that the fear and anxiety that I had in doing so somehow got overshadowed by the intense feeling that my soul was called to something much bigger than myself. Much bigger than this tiny slice of time that paled in comparison to the plans that Spirit had in store for me.

What did I need to do?

I needed to risk it all.

I needed to risk everything I had built, all of my delusions, all of my fear and uncertainty about the unknown and I was asked to step to the very edge of who I thought I was and leap into the possibility that everything I ever thought about myself was wrong, and I could be anything that I wanted.

Intense, right?

I know. I still feel it in my body as I type.

But turns out I could be anything I wanted. But don’t mistake me, it didn’t happen overnight and it definitely wasn’t easy and even now 20 years later I know I am still not done.

But being still not done is no reason to hold back on how I have gotten this far.

And that is what I am going to share with you my friend.

If you are ready, to leap into the possibility that you can be anything you want, create your life anyway you want, be abundant in all areas of your life and most importantly put in the work to get there then I have so many opportunities to support you every single step of the way.

This is no joke. And not for everyone. But if you want to see if it is right for you then you should call me. That is the first step to living your destiny. To becoming who your soul set out to be. Just pick up the phone. Let’s kick it Old Skool, let’s talk, and see if this is for you.

Acceptance into this program is limited. And a screening interview is required for every applicant. I am taking only people that are ready to leave it all behind and live with me and some of the teachers that I have trained with in one of the worlds healing vortex’s for 28 days of mystery and magic.

Are you ready?

About Your Certification


After graduation, you will receive a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sadhana Yoga School, a trusted name in the international yoga community. You will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance and teach anywhere in the world. Yoga Alliance has become the international standard for credentialing yoga teachers is the largest yoga registry in the world with over 90,000 registered teachers.

Student Reviews

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