7 Ways to Celebrate The Full Moon

The full moon is a time each month where we can recharge our energy, let go of stagnant elements and energies that are no longer serving us and start afresh in our mind, body and spirit.

1. Cleanse your spaces

In order to make way for clean, fresh, new energy we have to cleanse our spaces.  This can be done in three ways.  First, cleanse the body in a bath or spa.  Two, physically clean your home and sacred spaces.  Three cleanse the mind and spirit.  Burning incense or sage in your home is an easy way to move through this practice, practicing a Full Moon meditation is a great way to quiet and clear the mind.

If you use crystals, mala beads, or tarot cards, now is the time to cleanse those as well.  There are many ways to do this, just a few include smudging (passing them through sage), sand burial, flower water, or putting them under sun or moon rays.   Spaces, stones, tarot cards pick up energy all the time, so use each full moon as a means to cleanse and renew.  In the case of mala beads you can even say a mantra like “Om Mani Padme Om”.

Looking for more ways to cleanse your tones and gems, click here

2. Connect with Selenite

Selenite is a sacred stone most associated with the Crown chakra, Sahsrara chakra.  Selenite is also named after Selene, the Moon Goddess.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra. Located at the top of the head, it gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. The function of the Crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal.


After cleansing the selenite, imaging it is a like a magic wand and starting at the head run the stones energetically over the entire body, right down to the toes.  In this way, imagine

In this way, imagine stress, anxiety, worry and other types of negative energy to be removed from the body.  Selenite brings clarity of mind which is perfect for the cleansing intention of the Full Moon.

Looking for a selenite meditation? Check out the Hoodwitch. 

3.  Gather Your Tribe

Whether your tribe is your family, your friends, your yoga students – or a combination of them all – use this time to come together.  What can you do?  Design a unique yoga practice, organize a full moon hike, play music, have a fire ceremony to reflect on things that aren’t serving you or fears and let them go into the fire.  This gathering of wisdom, spirit, and energy can be truly inspiring to reflect, let go and set new intentions for the month.

  4. Moon Salutations

Moon salutations are exotic and sensual.  This sequence by Shiva Ray might inspire your next home practice or group class. Remain connected to your breath, focus on the sensations of the body, intentionally try to feel everything as you slow it down and move through the asana’s.

5.   Take a Nature Bath

When you give thought to how you want to plan your full moon rituals, consider the elements of earth and nature.  Can you meditate outside under the moon? Can you visit the ocean, lake, river, stream, pond or another body of water? Since the water is so connected to the moon it is an ideal place to visit during this time.  Take this time to go on a nature walk.  Turn off the iPods and bask in the sounds of nature, feel the ways of the moon on your skin, breath in the fresh evening air.   If the climate allows why not consider a barefoot walk and imagine your feet and toes kissing the earth.

6.  Out with the Old

Although most of the aforementioned suggestions were geared toward the personal experience of the full moon, you can also use this time to provide some karma service to others.  This could be through donating time or money toward a cause you believe in, or cleaning out your closet to donate old shoes, clothes, jackets to local community support organizations.  When

7.  Unleash Your Creative Juices

Last, but no least, let out some of your creative juices. Even if you do not normally think of yourself as creative, let go of judgement or expectation and have fun.  Start a journal, write a poem, dance to music, create a masterpiece. It is often our fear of perfection in art that we let it stop us from just unleashing our creative freedom.   Close the eyes, pick up the pen or paintbrush and see what happens.  Not sure if this was created on a full moon, but artist and SYS gradudate, Kayti Sullivan sure knows how to unleash her creativity with this stunning oil on canvas.

“Looking West” Original Artwork by Kayti Sullivan

For added fun, try it with your non-dominant hand.  We are so attuned to doing what is right, including writing with our dominant hand.  But there is amazing evidence to support the practice of non-dominant handwriting, as it allows us to reconnect with the side of the brain we don’t normally use and connect with our inner child.

The right side of the brain, which controls the left hand, will say things you don’t know that you know. It specializes in assessing your physical and mental feelings, and it often offers solutions. “Take a nap,” your right hemisphere might say, or “Just do what feels right; we’ll be fine.” You’ll find there’s a little Zen master in that left hand of yours (or whichever your non-dominant hand may be).

Mind, Body, Green

The great news about the full moon, it comes every month. Make a choice to honor this time in your life and in the lunar cycle.  Perhaps thsi month try one new thing, and then slowly build as your attention, awareness and creativity blooms.

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