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woman-570883_1920Wow, what an amazing time we live in! It really does seem like we have endless possibilities in this life. Our opportunities are limitless. Our challenge is to find the path that is right for us and cultivate the stamina to move forward with courage and conviction.

So how do we cultivate stamina?

If we borrow some thinking from thermodynamics, we can explore the idea of entropy – the measure of disorder of a system. The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy in a system always increases – the amount of disorder in an isolated system can only increase.

Think about your house. Have you ever cleaned your house, and left it alone for 30 minutes only to return and find it in complete disorder? This is the second law of thermodynamics at work. Things naturally go from a state of order to disorder.

The same thing is true in a business. We can have the best running business ever, but if we leave it alone for a few months, things will start to disorganize. Things will start to fall through the cracks and the business will start to decline.

This also applies to our life, our projects, our passions, our health. If we leave things unattended, they start to decline. We may have the best intention to exercise more and set a goal to do it everyday for 20-minutes. The next day we get up and go for a jog, no problem, you got this. Same the next few days, you get up and put in a few miles. But then maybe 5 days later, you wake up and feel tired, or maybe your legs are sore, or maybe you have an early meeting, what ever the reason, it seems large enough that you decide to skip your morning exercise routine. Then the next morning, perhaps you are able restart, but with a little less vigor. You may end up settling on a 3 times a week routine. Then eventually your routine may fall apart altogether. I know I have experienced this many times in my life and I am willing to bet you have as well in some form or another.

What gives? How do we counter this second law of thermodynamics and instead move in a direction of organization in our life. How do we move from less energy to more energy? And where does this energy come from?

Well, from a yogic perspective we can tap into endless energy when we connect to our true self, when we tap into the unchanging never ending source of creating. When we are in touch with this energy of unity, connection, love, and joy, we are fueled for growth. Our energy does not decline when we are connected, in fact it is elevated.

This is why it is so important to have a daily practice that enhances your natural connection to source. It is like a car, we need to stop and refuel, or we will not be able to keep going. And when we do take that time to reconnect, it allows us to see more clearly and energizes us to move forward in our service to the world. Without reconnecting to source we cannot move forward. Our energy will decline and our life will disorganize.

There are many ways to reconnect to source, and the specific practice you choose is not important. But it is important that you choose one and that you practice.

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