How do I Keep Faith?

I love this question.

It’s a tricky question for me.

Because on some level, I feel that one thing that I’ve known for certainty, without doubt, is that I am here on this planet for a purpose.

Raise your hand, if this has been a true thing for you, since you’ve been a child, that, you know, you’re here for a reason. You have no idea what or how or who or from where you’re going. But you know, there is a plan for your life, you know, you have a purpose, right?

Welcome to the many souls who chose to incarnate in this lifetime to remember to remember that purpose, right? You came here to remember why you came here.

And this is the journey that we go through for life, for me, and what I will share with you in relation to faith is how deep do you believe that you came here for a purpose?

How deep Do you believe that fact?

And if you’re like me, you believe that with such tinacity.

There’s just no question, right? It’s just like, that’s not even a question. I know, I came here for a reason. I don’t know why yet. But I’m here for a reason. I know with absolute certainty, there’s a purpose for my life, and I want to find it. And I know that truth so deeply that that truth and that knowing and that belief in and of itself, can allow you to maintain faith at any given time. Because why else would you have it?

The very fact that you have this belief in and of itself, I came here for purpose is your

place that you can put your faith, if in nothing else.

People are always going to let us down, we’re always going to have challenges our relationships are going to change our beliefs are going to change what we ground ourselves into, you know, using yoga as an example. You guys in the beginning, I was so hard core in my yoga practices, it changed to meditation and mantra, it’s moved more into like just focusing on pranayama. Recently, my spiritual ideas have changed my connection to Patanjali and the yoga sutra has drastically transformed in the last two years.

My beliefs are changing as I learn more about who I am, as I grow spiritually, as I continue to study, as I continue to move forward on my path, everything is going to change.

Yoga will always be a part of my life, but it changes in a different way. I say this example to identify what we put our faith in. Do not put your faith in a series of postures. Do not put your faith in a particular meditation. Do not put your faith in another person or a teacher or your parents or your political ideology or do not put your faith in anything that rests outside of yourself.

You put faith into the one thing that you can concretely believe in inside of yourself, which is the fact that you know, you came here for a reason. You came here with a purpose and an intention, and you put your faith in yourself, to never give up, to never lose that belief.

To always get back up when you fall when you falter when you fail. When you feel lost when you feel uncertain when you don’t know where you’re going when you don’t know what decision to make you sit with yourself in faith that in time, everything will be revealed to you in its own time and in its own way but your faith comes in yourself in your ability to know who you are and what feels good in your body.

Allow your body to guide you.

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