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“Helping out is not some special skill. It is not the domain of rare individuals. It is not confined to a single part of our lives. We simply heed the call of that natural impulse within and follow it where it leads us.” — Ram Dass

Seva (a Sanskrit word meaning, “selfless service”) is a tradition dating back to ancient India of supporting your community, while nourishing spiritual development. Sadhana Yoga School is hosted by some of the most beautiful countries in the world, who become valued members of our community. We choose to honor these comminities and their cultures by giving 1% of each students’ tuition to a local organization which fights childhood hunger, in addition to providing other, much-needed support. Childhood hunger continues to be an issue worldwide and affects children in all of the countries we are hosted by, including here in the USA.

In addition, we encourage our students to consider volunteering for the organization chosen for their training session, and/or to contribute above the 1% we forward by donating money on their own, or bringing items which the organization needs.

More information about each of our partner charities can be found below. Because it can be hard to find trustworthy charity organizations, some donations are through an organization called Global Giving, which thoroughly vets the charities. You can learn more about Global Giving here:

Fundacion DEHVI (site is in Spanish) supports Costa Rican children under 5 years of age living in poverty and in high risk communities. They offer them high-quality early education inspired by Reggio Emilia pedagogy, 4 nutritious meals a day, a safe and secure environment, and we help them nurture values & develop lifelong skills. They have 4 child centers where these services are provided 5 days a week through extended hours, which provides parents the time to find a job, and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. 

Fundacion DEHVI is our charity for our June program in Costa Rica. You can contribute to them through Global Giving, here:

NH Hunger Solutions is an organization in New Hampshire which is dedicated to finding longterm solutions for food insecurity and hunger, especially among Children. There are more than 44,000 children in New Hampshire alone who face food insecurity and hunger.

NH Hunger Solutions is our chosen charity for our New Hampshire programs. You can learn more about and make donations to NH Hunger Solutions here:

Bumi Sehat means Healthy Earth Mother. They believe that access to quality healthcare and to kind, hygienic, culturally appropriate childbirth is a human right, and in caring for one mother, one child, one family at a time.

Bumi Sehat is our chosen charity for our November session in Bali. You can find out about ways to donate to and assist the Bumi Sehat Foundation here:

Action Against Hunger has worked in India since 2011, hoping to help turn the tide and begin saving the millions of lives lost each year across India to hunger. Their teams have scaled up  nutrition programs, worked with all levels of government to strengthen India’s health system, developed nutritional care programs centered on community involvement, trained hundreds of health care workers in the detection, prevention, and treatment of severe malnutrition, partnered with local community organizations, and undertaken much needed nutritional surveys to document the extent of undernutrition in India.  They are dedicated to helping India’s vulnerable thrive.

Action Against Hunger is our chosen charity for our Advanced training in India. You can learn more & donate to their cause, here:

Because the cycle of poverty in Bali means many children are unable to achieve their dreams, Bali Children’s Project adopted ‘escaping poverty through education’ as their slogan. It is the idea that if you educate a child, they will have the chance to earn their way out of poverty – changing the lives of them and their families forever. They provide a range of services and education for low income families, including “quality of life” support such as lunches for children & emergency funding to those in dire need.

The Bali Children’s Project is our chosen charity for our May program in Bali. You can learn more, and donate, here: