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sadhana yoga school

Sadhana Yoga School Facilitator

E-RYT-500, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

Stephen Bethel, affectionately known by many of his yoga comrades as Bethel, has been an avid yoga practitioner for many years. Establishing a daily mediation practice as a teenager, Bethel’s involvement with yoga blossomed into a lifestyle slowly over time.


He became a Jivamukti yoga instructor in 2005. Since that time, he has assisted his mentors Sharon Gannon and David Life in training other teachers and now holds the title of advanced Jivamukti certification.

Bethel has been a dedicated caretaker of his homestead in Hillsborough, NH. Throughhis desire to share this special place with others, Bethel and his partner, Kristen, began dreaming of a way to bring community together to cultivate yoga, the growing food, and the celebration of other living arts. They created Bethel Farm Yoga and Living Arts Center. With the support of the large family they share, Bethel Farm is charged with positive intention and a lot of heart.

When Bethel is not in the yoga studio , he may be found out in one of the hoop houses, doing trail maintenance or finishing up a plaster job. He is very happy to share this magical place he feels honored to call home.


A message from Bethel:

“The direction of my life was changed by a yoga teacher training immersion. As I state this, I am joining my voice with so many voices I have heard over the years expressing the same experience.

For me, I pivoted from wanting to deepen my personal practice of yoga, to wanting to share the wonderful power of yoga with others.

In fact, those two goals, the personal and the shared, are mutually supportive.

I did not enroll in the training thinking I would definitely be a teacher. Some of the other participants were already teaching, or had teaching as their defined goal.

Spending weeks in community with a group with diverse yoga experience and goals reinforced my own personal yogic path.

We often hear people say that they want to change their lives, but putting that desire into practice is often thwarted by established routines.

A yoga teacher training has a way of jostling the old habits, and making us aware of new possibilities for our life ahead.

Great thanks to my teachers! Jai!”