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chelsea merth

Sadhana Yoga School Facilitator

Chelsea first came to yoga in 2009 after she graduated college while training for a half marathon. She started going once a week as a means to condition her muscles. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that she fell into her first heated vinyasa class in Chicago, IL and instantly fell in love.

chelsea merth

I began my path with yoga shortly after college. I danced my whole life at a studio and then for Illinois State University through nursing school. I remember going to a gym after college and walking around aimlessly not having a clue what to do. I overheard someone at work talking about a “schedule” for half marathon training and I knew I needed a little more direction after years of training at a dance studio and on dance teams. Through the “schedule” of half marathon training I found myself in some yoga classes. I realized that this was the first time my body felt free, inspired and rejuvenated, even more so than dancing. It felt like something clicked into place and I found myself again. The anxiety I experienced as a child through high school and college somehow started to slip away. I started feeling like I came back to myself after not ever really knowing who I was. I struggled with an eating disorder at a really young age in my early “tween” years and even though I recovered physically in high school, it wasn’t until I found yoga that I recovered mentally. Through breath, movements, and finding me time on the mat I started to take this clarity off the mat into my everyday life.


My favorite part of the teacher training curriculum is becoming the student all over again. The more I teach the more I learn and seeing not only the transformation of another’s journey through these trainings, but the transformation of myself as a teacher and student each and every time I facilitate a training. The teacher and student relationship should always remain that we inspire each other. I can’t say there is one particular thing in the curriculum that is my favorite, but the linking of it all and how it all comes together – the yoke, the union, the yoga; how the physical starts seeping into a different realm of the unknown so that we can know ourselves.


Once I started practicing yoga and seeing my own transformation, I knew I had to share this with others. As a surgical nurse in the operating room, it is my nature to give, to help others be the best versions of themselves. I help put people back together physically as a nurse and I knew teaching yoga would take me into this journey to help bring people back to themselves – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I wrote this journal entry during my teacher training and I think it is the best description of “my story”:

“Let yourself accept the state you are in.

We talked a lot about this today. Which is ironic and perfect because I was so annoyed with myself for being so negative and not feeling like me yesterday. It’s okay to be like that sometimes. No one is perfect. It’s more accepting that part of you. There is light AND darkness to everyone. We just have to learn to integrate and nurture the darkness into light by accepting who we are as a whole – the good and the bad. I am loving how spiritual and life-changing this teacher training is. I feel that prior to this training, I already was in a good state of mind, always reminding my friends (and myself) to have positive vibes and live in the moment – NOT saying I am perfect. I just feel I was on the right path with becoming a better me and this teacher training is diving me deeper into that, which is exactly what I want. I think others are in shock that a yoga teacher training is so spiritual and in depth of the self, but the change I see happening to others is magical, especially those that maybe didn’t study things like this prior. I am loving the bonding, friendship, and enhancing of the self between all of us. Yoga does magical things to a person and especially in Bali 🙂 The owner of Jiwa Damai give a talk tonight about meditating and connecting through your own heart. Her background is zen and psychotherapy and she had a lot of amazing things to share, but what really resonated with me is that she had us tune into our heart by closing our eyes and feeling our heartbeat. As a surgical nurse, I hear other’s heartbeats all the time, day in day out, the constant beeping on the anesthesia machine, but I don’t know the last time (if ever) that I listened to my own heartbeat. In a way I cannot explain, it was so humbling and powerful. It resonated so deep with me because I feel I have become immune to the sound and rhythm of such a powerful force of life we thrive on. It filled me with so much gratitude.

Namaste,  Chelsea Kay”



If something is tugging at your heart, ask yourself what is holding you back? Are you making excuses because it is outside of your comfort zone? The magic always happens when we learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, when we learn to move from our breath space rather than our headspace. Allow yourself this once in a lifetime gift.

Any other info you feel would bring a sense of certainty, comfort and confidence for those who are still in the decision making stage of joining a yoga teacher training –

Always choose magic over predictability <3