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kelly gorsuch

Sadhana Yoga School Facilitator

Wellness Educator, Registered Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Creator of The Goddess Project

kelly gorsuch

A message from Kelly:

“Sharing yoga with others is a joy and fills my heart and soul. For me, it is offering the simple path of connection. Connection to oneself and bringing awareness to our beautiful and sacred vessels (our bodies) which carry our souls. Yoga allows us to drop more fully into our true essence. This is why I chose to teach yoga. It’s why I practice myself. Every class I teach, everyone workshop I lead, is a transformation offering to others and to myself. I truly believe that through the deep teachings and practice of yoga, we can change the world.

The world needs more yoga teachers! If you are considering becoming a teacher of this sacred, life transforming lifestyle, then it is done. You have been chosen. You have been called. The time is NOW. The world needs your gifts, your light to shine brightly, and the SYS yoga program offers you the platform in which to step more fully into all that you can be.

Yoga is life, and life needs yoga. There is no more important job than sharing this work with others, and no better time to take the opportunity to dive in.”