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patrizia delibero

Sadhana Yoga School Facilitator

Born in Italy, Patrizia grew up in Rome and lived several months in Syria where she learned about the mystical path called Sufism. She then became a seeker and found her own spiritual path she is still on now while she was a student at the university in Rome.

yoga teacher training

After graduating from university and master, she moved to Ireland and the United Kingdom, where she started practicing yoga. She then moved back to Italy working as a Sales and Marketing Director. For spiritual reasons, she left her job and traveled by herself extensively, visiting and meditating in many holy sites mainly in Asia. Inspired by these journeys she decided to engage a new life by serving the principles of responsible tourism and sharing her spiritual experience about sacred places. She became a worldwide tour leader, leading tours in Egypt and Jordan for a while and then joined the Vatican office of Pilgrimage in Rome in behalf of which later on she started a company in USA ( and journeystotheeast,com) with the aim of serving pilgrims from different spiritual background focusing on interfaith pilgrimages around the world.

She now lives in Massachusetts where she became a devoted yogi student of the Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga tradition.She loves very much being a yoga teacher, sharing with her students personal pondering and things she has been learning and changing her life. She loves offering challenges according to each student’s possibilities and focus her classes on establishing a deep connection between mind and body through attention. She works very proudly for Keene Yoga Center and Sadhana Yoga School facilitating Yoga teacher training courses around the world.