Uttanasana (Forward Fold)

UTTANASANA/FORWARD FOLD: “Move with intelligence. The back of the body is thought to be the past. When we’re mostly tight in our hamstrings, maybe metaphorically we need to let go of the past a bit. The front half of the body is the future…, keep moving toward it. Draw the chin in a bit…bring it closer in to the throat and drop in to the heart-literally- drop in, say hello. Reach from the thoracic cavity….reach for the FUTURE with the heart, not the head. The arms and hands are the ways we express ourselves creatively, forming our thoughts into tangible/physical objects…use them! Wrap them around your calves or thighs for encouraging support. Start with the knees bent… And eventually they’ll straighten, one breath at a time. Hug your center, that which keeps you rooted against gravity. And when life gives you a secret cove to dive deep, go deep. This pose is huge for hip health, lower back health and knee health….”

Thanks to SYS facilitator Brianne Nadi for this wonderful narration of Uttanasana, from the shore of Costa Rica!

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