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It is no surprise that the practice of yoga in America is on the rise, by nearly 16 million people compared to just 4 years ago.  That is just one of many key findings in the report Yoga in America, brought to you by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance.  As more and more people are discovering the remarkable benefits of yoga we can identify several key findings from this report as to the other benefits the practice of yoga can have on the self, the community, and the world.

Although yoga in the western world is primarily focused on the physical practice of yoga, the asana’s, practitioners are also turning their attention to the mental and spiritual aspect of yoga as well.  As people become more mindful and attentive to the present moment, maybe people worry less, suffer from less stress and anxiety, which is always good.  In a day and age where social media has us plugged in, and responding at the speed of light to text and tweets, a regular yoga practice helps you unplug and bring attention, and intention to everything you do.

Yoga is becoming more mainstream in people’s day to day habits, and as part of an overall healthier lifestyle – and many yoga teachers are setting the example for this.  It is reported that over 75% of yoga practitioners, and 98% of yoga teachers, also participate in some other form of physical activity – running, spinning, hiking, swimming, etc.   Those who participate in yoga also report that they give back to the community, support the environment, and investing in important sustainability initiatives like organic farming.

Want to read more about the findings, check out the full report.

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