Money Coaching Group

Healing  your relationship to money, 
so you can live a more fulfilling and abundant life

  • 9 people
  • 9 days (about 90 minutes a day)
  • April 6-14
  • Zoom Calls: April 7, 9, 13 (2:00-3:30 PM EST)

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  -Benjamin Franklin

Do you

  • Stress about money on a weekly or daily basis?
  • Hesitate to start new projects out of fear you will not be able to make it work financially
  • Feel stuck in a job that may be secure, but that you don’t love (maybe even h@te)
  • Believe you will never be able to make as much money doing a job you love as you can at your corporate job
  • Want to have a positive impact on the world but feel restricted financially
  • Feel lost on how to save and invest your hard earned money
  • Feel distrustful of the stock market and don’t know who to trust
  • Want to start saving for your future, but don’t know where to start

After this program you will

  • Feel less stressed around money
  • Understand what financial health looks like
  • Have A plan to improve your financial health
  • Feel more confident about your finances
  • Have a more positive inner belief around your ability to cultivate financial abundance.

Enrollment & Pricing

This is a beta test course, and I am looking for 9 dedicated people who want to transform their financial life and who can attend all 7 zoom sessions and participate fully in the course.

Normally this would be $999, but for this beta group, it is $99.

If you want to join, but cannot make the Zooms, you can join for $199. We will record all the zoom sessions and make then available after the call. You will still be able to connect to the group through out private online group chats

This is a one time payment, and you will learn new skills and new ways of thinking that will dramatically transform your financial health for the rest of your life.

100% money back guarantee – If you do not love it, you can get all your money back. Since this is a beta course, I will respectfully ask for your feedback.

Some of the topics we may cover.

(Note this is a beta group and some topics will depend on feedback from the group.)

  • Importance of money in your life
  • Vision Board
  • Money Story
  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs
  • Spend less than you make
  • Money money is not the answer
  • Cash flow pattern for financial health
  • Money Quiz
  • Compounding interest
  • Importance of minimizing Taxes
  • Where to invest
  • How to Automate Your Savings

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 7 Topics
  • 1 Quiz