Online 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Next Session Starts November 2, 2021

Sadhana Yoga School  is pleased to announce our Online 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program. This program is open to SYS Graduates only and will be limited to 24 students.

This course is personal, intimate, deep, challenging, rewarding, fun, hard, and live changing. It will be amazing and you will never be the same person again. Your heart and eyes will open to a new reality, a new way of being and healing in this world. You will connect deeper with yourself, and get to know who you are and your purpose in this life. You will be invited to share your depth of being with others in the group in a safe space that allows you to truly be you, to share your light and your shadow and to be met with acceptance and love. This depth or work is not easy, and it is not always pretty, but it is what we are called here to do, to grow and get out of our own way so we can live the life we deserve and be of service in a massive way to the world. If you resonate with this, please join us.

The 300-hour course is divided into 2 parts. 

Part 1: 100% Online (225 hours) $1,800USD

Consists of 3 modules

  1. Energetic Healing
  2. Yoga Philosophy & Ayurveda
  3. Yoga Therapy

Part 2: Online & In Person (75 Hours)

Consists of 1 module

  1. Retreat Immersion Coaching and Business (March 2022)
    Learn more about the retreat here:
    The total retreat cost is $2,100 for the 300-hour students. This includes room & food and tuition. It does not include airfare.

Part 1: 100% Online

This is the online portion of the course and is designed to be both accessible and powerful.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays Live Zoom Sessions (November 2-December 16 & January 15-29)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online Learning Site with Pre-Recorded Videos & Digital PDF of the Manual & Many more online & digital resources

Module 1- Energetic Healing

Topics Covered:

  • Yoga as a Healing Modality
  • Your role as a healer and teacher
  • Designing Classes and Workshops
  • Private Sessions
  • Sequencing for Special Populations 
  • The Energy Body: The 20 Chakra System

Healing through the Chakras

  • Journey through the Low Self (shadow self; ego self) External Expression of the lower 3 energy centers in the body. Environment, Relationships, Self Identity. Niyamas/External Observances
  • Journey through the High Self (light self; individual consciousness) Internal Reflections of the Upper 3 energy centers in the body. Truth of expression, Inner Seeing, Union of masculine and feminine.  Yamas/Internal Observances
  • Building the bridge through the Heart (Samyama) Understanding the mirrored self. Integrating the low self and high self as One. Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energy. Finding the effortless flow of integrated energies

Module 2: Philosophy and Ayurveda

Topics Covered:

  • Yoga Sutras In-Depth
    • Historical versus Modern Application
    • Universal Approach to Spirituality
    • Self Inquiry and Personal Integration
    • How to teach and share the sutras with students
    • How to share the sutras with children and families
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika 
    • History and Overview
  • Ayurveda Immersion 
    • Rituals of Self-Care
    • History of Ayurveda
    • Working with Ayurveda as a compliment to yoga
    • Nutrition/Diet
    • Kriyas
    • Working with your Doshas
      • Healing Tools for each dosha
    • Health Coaching

Module 3: Yoga Therapy
Date to be determined in September-October/November
Group Live Zoom Calls: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm EST (New York City Time)

Topics Covered:

  • Working with the Body
  • Alignment Principles
  • Adjusting Principals
  • Common Injuries
  • Yoga & Trauma
  • Yoga & Stress
  • Yoga & Anxiety
  • Yoga & Depression
  • Advanced Meditation
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Mudras
  • Visualization and Imagery

Part 2: Retreat Immersion Coaching and Business

This will be a very interactive retreat that will focus on one’s own individual growth and learning through In-Person Group Coaching. We will focus on overcoming blocks to growth and moving forward on our path, with real solutions and practical techniques that work! In addition to personal growth we will focus on business development and making career changes that lead us towards serving our highest calling.  

Prior to the retreat you will be given required projects to complete before attending. While together, you will be presenting and sharing your projects in a group setting. You have an option to receive direct coaching 1-1 within the group.

Please Note:
Classes to be covered that are not listed above because the module for each section has not yet been decided.

  • Various Asana Immersions such as ashtanga yoga, chakra yoga, restorative yoga, chair yoga, etc.
  • How to create and facilitate a ceremony
  • How to lead and teach retreats
  • Complementary Practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Crystals, Tarot, and more!

In order to receive the 300hr RYT Designation you must complete both parts: The online & in person. The modules can be completed in any order and the program will be 1 year from start date.

Please know that we all recognize the current uncertainty in the world. Our commitment to you is to be reasonable and fair when navigating unexpected circumstances that could arise. We want to be clear that our cancelation policy will be that  in all circumstances no refunds will be given for Part 1.

Please know that the amount of work required on our part is the same once we all commit to showing up and taking this journey together. Our commitment to you is to complete the first 3 modules no matter what happens and they will be fully online.

In the event that you cannot meet in person, all content for this module will be online for you to complete.

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