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Yoga Alliance is an international yoga registry. Which means that yoga schools and yoga teachers can register with the yoga Alliance. They submit either their certificate or their curriculum to yoga Alliance and then they pay an annual fee and they can be on the registry. Basically, they can be in the database as either a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) or as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with yoga Alliance.

So the way that it works is, as a school, Sadhana Yoga School, we submit our curriculum to yoga Alliance. And if it meets the standards of Yoga Alliance, then we can they say ‘yes, you meet our standards, you can register with us.’

So it’s a credentialing system where every school who’s registered with yoga Alliance has a certain standard. It doesn’t guarantee that it’s a good school, but you know, it’s kind of like the industry standard, the 200 hour yoga teacher training.

If you take a training from a Registered Yoga School, then you can register as a Registered Yoga Teacher. So what happens is we give you a certificate of completion from our school, and then you can take that certificate and upload it to a yoga Alliance website and pay the fee and register as a registered yoga teacher.

The other thing I’ll say about yoga alliance is there’s two different kind of levels of training.

The 200 hour level is an entry level. So is this like the this as the starting point, and then they also have a 300 hour training.

The 300 hour is in addition to the 200 hours. You take the 200-hour first, and then you take the 300-hour, which is considered advanced training.

You can go to https://yogaalliance.org and search for the school there. You just click on the schools. You can search for the school, and you can see the reviews, the number of stars school has, it’s kind of cool. So that’s yoga Alliance.