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Hello everyone. My name is Jordan. I’m 25 yo. I found this school when I was at my most depressed and most anxious. I was working a job I hated, in an extremely toxic and emotionally/ financially abusive relationship, and just parting way too much. I had just listened to a podcast on a “bad” day, and had this strong feeling to just change my life and start making my dreams a reality. That is when I found this school. While I did originally plan for Bali, the universe had another plan, and the online course is what I chose due to covid.

My intention for this course is to expand and deepen my spiritual self while connecting deeper into myself. Before hitting my “rockbottom” I had really felt as if I lost myself. Or any version of me I thought I knew before. After this course, I hope to leave with a better mindset and better self. As a person who can help others with similar life struggles I have had. Or even just help people who feel lost and are looking to make change.
I hope to open my own practice. (Even if just online at first), and eventually open a wellness center(s) around the US that is affordable and accessible to not only wealthy people, but all people. When traveling in Germany, I fell in love with their way of life, and the fact that any lower middle class citizen could walk into a wellness facility that is very “spa” like, and relax/ decompress. We get so caught up in our careers and lives that we often forget to take care of ourself or think that wellness is only for for the wealthy. This is something I would like to help change in the USA. I am thankful and excited to be here with you all.

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