3 Reasons to Consider Yoga Teacher Training (Even If You May Never Teach Yoga)

The practice of yoga has spread far and wide in this beautiful world we call home, from centuries old ashram’s and shala’s of India – the birthplace of yoga – to fitness clubs, boutique and private studios, and home practices.

Of the many practitioners of yoga, there are going to be some – quite many in fact – who feel a call to do something “more”.  This is when the research begins to find out just what “more” means to them.  For a large majority  it means enrolling in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Initially, people love the idea of training on the ocean in Bali, Fiji or Costa Rica, or settling in the quintessential country side of New Hampshire – the grand experience of travel and adventure courses through their veins as much as the pull to yoga.

But, tropical destinations aside, not everyone who takes a yoga teacher training wants to become a yoga teacher, although that is a common reason, it is not always the only reason.  So why should you take a yoga teacher training, even if you don’t have that “call” to teach….lets explore some of the reasons to consider enrolling in Sadhana Yoga Teacher training.

Reason 1:  Personal Transformation & Connections to the Self & Community

Sometimes in life we need a reset button. Sometimes in life we realize it is time to start living.  Sometimes in life we are still trying to find ourselves a little bit.  When you discover that yoga is about more than just a physical practice, but truly about a journey of self  discovery for the divine light within, a tremendous shift starts to happen.  We develop a strong connection to the self, and allow it to flourish.  Our perspective changes, which changes our attitudes.  Some people wait years to do this (or lifetimes) when you can easily get there in a short amount of time with a transformational training, like we offer at Sadhana.  When you join Sadhana Yoga School you also become part of a  Sangha, or community, of likeminded individuals.

“Our programs are designed to foster transformation and growth within and around you….We support the integration of yoga as lifestyle and offer our students the opportunity to live and study in community with one another and their teachers while engaging in daily sadhana practice.”

Transformation and Community from Bryan Russell on Vimeo

Reason 2: Professional Growth

When you join Sadhana Yoga Teacher Training you quickly discover that yoga has the potential to enhance every aspect of your life.  In one way or another we are all children, parents, students, employees, business owners, philanthropists.  The philosophy and teachings of this 2,000 year old practice of yoga  can be used on and off the mat.

Mental health professionals can incorporate yoga in their practice to enhance, or offer alternative therapy solutions for adults and children alike.

A Bridge Between Traditional Yoga and Transfomative Growth from Bryan Russell on Vimeo.

Teachers and school officials can incorporate yoga into their classroom curriculum – it is quickly becoming a replacement for traditional detention programs, and meditation is becoming more mainstream in this kind of setting, as people realize the calming and beneficial effects of meditation and yoga (on adults and children alike).

Business owners and companies of all sizes  can incorporate yoga philosophies into their operations, in fact an entire section of our 200-hour and 300-hour trainings focus on the business aspect of yoga.

“…Us[e] yoga techniques to better listen to our heart and to discover who we are and how we want to be serving humanity…”

Law enforcement officials can incorporate yoga into prisons and detention centers for incarcerated individuals.  Perhaps through this kind of intervention we can restore a sense of balance, and rehabilitation.

Reason 3:  Develop a Spiritual Practice

As we have already alluded to, yoga is more than a physical practice.   Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and spirit.  Some people come to us seeking this specifically, others discover it through the training.  And the spirituality of yoga is not a religious one, in fact it should not conflict with the established religions of the world.  Rather it provides a comprehensive, and clearer view of of the world, and how we exist in it.  Through the practice of meditation, mantra, pranayama, – combined with asana (or postures) you can achieve a sense of spiritual enlightenment that will guide you toward your true purpose in life and the divine light within.

“We use Patanjali’s Eight-Fold Path (Ashtanga Yoga) as our guide in all that we teach and share for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that are accessible through daily practice.”

Got Me Into a Spiritual Practice from Bryan Russell on Vimeo.

What is your reason to explore yoga teacher training and Sadhana yoga school?

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