5 Life Changes That Could Lead You To a Yoga Immersion Program

The time has come. You can feel it in your entire being.  It is time for a change.

Your body, your soul, your mind, is calling you to do “something”.  But what is it?  Many people feel a strong desire to recenter themselves, this could be caused by a variety of life experiences.  Although the original intent of a 200-hour yoga teacher training is to train future yoga instructors to teach an amazing class, that is not the only intent.  With the right program and facilitators, it goes way beyond that.

In a recent blog post, we talked about why people take a yoga teacher training – even if they may never teach yoga.  So many people enroll in a yoga teacher training because of the professional and personal development, and to develop a more spiritual practice, topping the reasons why one can benefit from a teacher training.  Today, we are going to look at how a yoga program with Sadhana Yoga School, can provide the perfect opportunity for growth and development during times of need, and when we need some clarity on the next steps to take in our life.

Divorce or Separation 

In 2016, according to the America Psychological Association, it is estimated that on average 45% of married couples will divorce.  That is a staggering statistic.  Divorce and Separation present us with a challenging life circumstance, that may make us question ourselves and our path. It can lead to stress on the body, mind, and spirit, and people develop conditions like anxiety, depression, even something as severe as heart disease, facing challenges like weight change (more and less), sleep disorders and lack of attention to our personal health.  And whether you are losing a partner of many months or many years, it is never easy.

It is common for people going through divorce or separation to feel negative, lonely or like a “failure”, and there are therapeutic methods that can help people work through this kind of challenging situation.  One therapeutic method may be an temporary escape from circumstances, in something like an immersion program – even though you are leaving everything behind, you are returning to the one thing that truly matters at this time – you.  We are not saying this in an egotistical or self-centered way, but just acknowledging the fact that in order to prepare for the next step of the journey, the self needs to identify, accept and heal.

A yoga teacher training can provide just the outlet to address those three things.  It is in this type of immersion program, under the tutelage of trained facilitators, and surrounded by like-minded companions, that self-help can take place in the most natural and healthy way possible, and without judgment or criticism.  Training, like those offered by Sadhana, also follow a daily schedule, so it can help people establish a schedule for themselves, and new daily practices that nourish the body, mind, and soul, and these habits are something they can bring home with them to incorporate into their daily practice – on and off the mat.   A yoga teacher training can also offer an affordable job training opportunity, which can be helpful for partners who stayed at home, or worked part time in the relationship.

Job Dissatisfaction or Transition 

It is normal for people to go through a phase at some point in their life where their current employment situation is not working. Whether you are flipping burgers at McDonalds or a Partner at your local law firm, at some point people want change.   During this time of transition, or as a means to reconnect with what you are truly passionate about, a yoga immersion program can provide that kind of focus and clarity that day to day life cannot.  When you truly remove yourself from your day to day life, you get rid of distractions and excuses. You can immerse yourself in the ‘self’, reconnect, and rediscover what the next step on your path is.

Many people consider a 200-Hour Yoga teacher not just a “job training”, but a three weeks of self study,  self-help, and life coach workshop that reaps remarkable results, no matter what you do with your certification when you return home.

The Travel “Itch”

Travel. Exploration. Discovery.  There are few who can escape the call to see, do, be more in the world.  In fact, according to MMGY Global6 out of 10 millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material things“, and that is just one population of people to whom travel appeals.

If you are one of those people just waiting to jet off to the next destination, why not extend your stay, combine work with pleasure, and explore not just places like Bali or Costa Rica, but also yourself.

If you are like some people who may be nervous about traveling abroad, a yoga training and immersion program is the perfect solution.  This experience gives you the opportunity to travel to a destination where nearly all the details have been taken care of for you – food and your lodging – at Sadhana Yoga School we also help our students make arrangements for travel from the airport.  Plus, you aren’t traveling alone, you know that when you arrive on site you will already have 10-20 people there waiting for your to arrive. This can provide peace of mind to those nervous about traveling alone.

Recovery from Loss or Grief

One of the other reasons that a yoga immersion program may be right for you, is as a means of recovery from loss or grief.  This kind of experience takes many forms – parents, children, spouses – and yet it is never easy.

In her book True Yoga  , by Jeannie Lee, she talks about how she used yoga after the death of her child.  Although the practice of yoga cannot change the circumstances or provide any explanation to the answer of “why something happened”, a regular asana practice can have a profound impact on our ability to move beyond grief, rediscover our light within, and our strength to overcome the many life experiences – good and bad – that we face each day.

High School/College Graduation

Whether you are student graduating from high school or college or the parent of such a graduate, this is a huge milestone in anyone’s life.  High school students have waited 12 long years to walk down the aisle and receive their diploma and yet so much of their story is not yet written.  Many high school students still feel a bit lost, and confused, even unprepared for what comes next. Some know what they “should” do, but they haven’t yet discovered what they really want to do.  Before you spend thousands of dollars trying to figure it out in a post-secondary institution why not invest in a summer break to discover yourself and your passion.

On the tail end of this journey are those preparing to graduate. After 2 – 8+ years of post-secondary education students with Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees are leaving the college institution and venture forth into the “real world”.  This is both exciting and a bit daunting.  An immersion program, like a yoga teacher training program, can have a lasting impact on college graduates.  After years of developing plenty of book smart, an immersion program like a 200-hour training can help graduates discover a different side of the “real world”, outside the books, to dive into history and discover how a 5,000-year-old tradition of yoga can help you enhance your life, your career and set up your for success in any next step you may take – work, marriage, parenthood, volunteering – anything.   And, when compared to the average annual college tuition rate, a yoga teacher training offers personal and professional development and job training for a fraction of the cost.

Graduates aside lets also consider the parents of graduates.  For years, moms and dads have given their heart and soul to their children to help them succeed.  Despite the preliminary guilt that some parents may feel for taking time out for themselves – that’s very natural – it may be time not just for your children to leave the nest, but for YOU, the parent to leave the nest too.   Parents can see this as a time of tremendous personal growth if they have been stay at home moms or dads or holding part-time jobs, an immersion program like a yoga teacher training can provide valuable job training to help them re-enter the workforce in a very desirable and quickly growing field.   

Wondering if the signs are telling you to take a yoga immersion program?  Download our free 5-hour online yoga teacher training:

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