Permaculture and Yoga: Observation and Discovery


 When we find connection to the earth, we find connection to our true self.

While Yoga is the art of Union; bringing together mind, body and spirit in each individual. Permaculture is the art of sustainable self-sufficiency. When we practice yoga we are practicing loving observation. Observing the mind, observing the sensations of the body, and thus Discovery of spirit. Through observation of the self we discover the essence of our inner spirit and true nature.

Permaculture also is all about observation. It is a system of agricultural and social design that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability to the entire ecosystem. Every pattern made by a  plant, animal or element is considered in a permaculture system. Just like all qualities of human nature are considered in Yoga; mental, physical, spiritual. All qualities of life are considered in permaculture. In both these systems it is believed that holistic observation is imperial to the success and well being of the environment and the individual. When we observe an ecosystem, we discover its natural patterns and rhythms and can work with this natural system to make it whole and complete.

The more we dive into our own true nature through Yoga, the more we discover the inherent connection we have to this earth.


(Permaculture Garden at Jiwa Damai)

Sadhana Yoga School is pleased to work in partnership with Permaculture centers around the world. The more we as dive into our own true nature through Yoga, the more we discover the inherent connection we all have to this earth. If yoga is the journey through the self to the universe, then permaculture is the journey through nature to the self and thus the universe. We are of this earth, the earth is of us.

Jiwa Damai is the place we call home for our 200hr Yoga Teacher training in Bali. This organization was founded by Dr. Margret Rueffler who is also the founder of HeartSelf-Intelligence meditation. Jiwa Damai offers Permaculture Certification courses that also include morning yoga practices and evening meditations. Offering a fully encompassed platform for participants to dive into themselves and nature. Contact Jiwa Damai for more information about their Permaculture offerings. It just so happens that Jiwa Damai is offering a permaculture design certification course October 3-17 2017, just before Sadhana Yoga School arrives for our November 2017 Bali YTT training, November 1-24 2017, why not choose both!? (For the upcoming November Bali YTT, Click Here. For the upcoming October Permaculture Certification Course at Jiwa Damai, Click Here.)

Sadhana Yoga School is also happy to be in partnership and to call Bethel Farms yoga retreat center in Hillsboro New Hampshire home for many yoga related events. At Bethel Farm each participant in a yoga course receives the opportunity to practice karma Yoga every day by helping out in the gardens. By actually digging our finger into earth’s soil we are not only offering ourselves a sense of grounded nourishment… we are connecting directly to our food the energy that sustains us, and giving energy to the production of our food. Bethel Farm is an organic farm that follows many principles of permaculture design. They offer apprenticeship, WWOOF and volunteer opportunities to any one looking to learn more about sustainable gardening and communal living in a yogic environment.

One of our students currently completing her 200hrYTT certification in Costa Rica is also a Environmental Engineer studying at Marquette University. With her deep understanding of Yoga and Sustainability she explains the connection between yoga and permaculture so beautifully;

“The best engineers and the best yoga teachers have something in common. My truest teachers aren’t the ones with the perfect pose, they are the ones that can orchestrate a magical connection of the mind, body, and spirit in a class. Making yoga this holy connection of the self to something outside and bigger than the body. In engineering, particularly environmental work I have realized it takes the samemindset. My best work isn’t when I get the equation perfect. It’s when I can seamlessly weave the technology I am implementing into a community and ecosystem in a way that honors and uplifts its natural state.

There are so many comparisons you can make between environmental and body work. It’s all the same energy, comes from the same cosmic bang billions of years ago. The most important lesson in any design work or in any self-improvement is that nothing is solo. You can’t isolate a water system without considering the plants, people, animals, and industries that use it. Just the same you can’t isolate hip flexibility without considering the emotions, the anatomy, and the breath involved. It’s all connected.”

Anne Noelle

Costa Rica 2016 YTT

FullSizeRender (4)

(NH 2015 YTT students working in the garden at Bethel Farm)

When we observe ourselves and nature we notice patterns. When we notice patterns we can formulate a system that supports positive patterns rather than negative ones. So if working closely to mother earth and nature is a path that calls to you, consider obtaining your Permaculture Certification or plan your Yoga Teacher Training with us at a one of our Permaculture farm locations. Listed below are links for more information.

OM Shanti! All is one….

For information about upcoming Permaculture Certification Courses at Jiwa Damai Bali, click here

For information about Bethel Farms and garden apprentice/volunteer opportunities in New Hampshire, click here

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