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At Sadhana Yoga School, we welcome students from all around the world to take part in our 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher training program.  One of the most common questions we get from prospective students is “how much experience do I need to have with yoga before I can enroll?”  The answer is simple – none.

Our students come to us with a wide variety of abilities in terms of their understanding of the philosophy and physical aspects of yoga.  In fact, that is one of the unique attributes of Sadhana Yoga School, our acceptance of students at all levels of yoga practice.

We have students of all shapes and sizes, some who are stepping on the yoga mat for the first time, the first day of class!  What courage and conviction it must take to begin a journey into the unknown – literally.  Some who have been studying yoga for 5-10+ years, with extensive experience and abilities.  The beauty of this “cross pollination” of skills is simple really – give our students real world experience training with, adjusting, and watching all body types and abilities explore the practice of yoga.  How else do you become comfortable teaching to that audience when you become an instructor – it is very unlikely you can predict every student that comes into your classes, so why not attend a school that lays a strong foundation to teach both beginners and advanced students.

As you begin to study the Sadhana Yoga curriculum though you also realize that yoga is more than just a physical practice – or asana’s.  Yoga is a 5,000 year old philosophy that can shape – or in some cases – reshape our entire outlook on yourself and your perception of life and the world around you.  The practice of yoga, especially the 8 the limbs of yoga – or Ashtanga Yoga – provides a strong foundation to understand this history and apply it to your life.  So during this process students not only become certified to teach yoga anywhere in the world, they begin to uncover the best version of themselves.  

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Because yoga is more than a physical practice the students who join our school offer so much more than just their physical abilities to perform a posture, they bring their experiences, perceptions, thoughts and ideas to share with the “Sangha” or community, that we create in our immersion programs.  Everyone has something to offer in our yoga teacher trainings, and if you limit someone from attending because of experience and ability you limit the growth and potential of all students.

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training?  Contact us today to ask questions, learn more about Sadhana and find out how we can help you love your dreams, just like the hundreds of students who have entrusted us with their yoga teacher training over the years.

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