Vinyasa Yoga: Place your life in a certain way….

What is Vinyasa Yoga? There are two types of Yoga we teach at Sadhana Yoga School, and Vinyasa is one of them.

When we break down the sanskrit meaning, the word “Vi-nyasa” means : Nyasa- “To place” and Vi- “In a certain way”. Vinyasa is a meditation on movement in which we use the breath to link our transitions from one Asana pose to the next. It’s through this linking of energy that we find impermanence in every breath, we learn how to dive in to each pose with steadiness and release each pose with ease.

Our greatest power comes from our breath, when we begin to learn the capacity of our own air chambers and the way our breath moves in our body we invite a nurturing strength into our body both physically and energetically. Think about it the next time you are in forward fold; with little effort placed into the muscles you can feel the torso and top half of the your body lift with every inhale and the spine extending towards neutral alignment. With every exhale you can feel the opposite effect; the torso compresses closer towards the thighs, the hips open and gravity pulls you in towards your center.

The rhythm of the breath is our foundation in a Vinyasa practice. We must place the breath into the body in a certain way to gain the maximum benefits of the practice. we also must place the alignment of our muscles and bones in a certain way too, transitioning from one pose to the next with integrity and ease.

“Just as music without proper pitch (sruti) and rhythm (laya) will not give happiness, yogasana practice without the observance of vinyasas will not give health” ~ Ramaswami “The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga”

The breath also centers the mind and creates a sense of ease mentally, making meditation and relaxation something that is available in all movements of the body. This is why a person who practices Vinyasa regularly can experience this sense of tranquility wherever they go- on the bus, in a game of tennis, or even washing dishes- the vinyasa practitioner places the task at hand in a special way that aligns with there body, mind and spirit.

Here is a video of the Sadhana Vinyasa Flow if you’d like to try it at home….practice and all is coming….Namaste~
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